Service Outline

In case of a major disaster such as an earthquake with Seismic Intensity of 6 lower and above, you can post your whereabouts and safety on SoftBank Disaster Message Board via Yahoo! Keitai. The message you post can be viewed on mobile phones by SoftBank and other carriers as well as on PCs.

<<Using Disaster Message Board for PC>>

Search & read
Visit the web site listed below by using a PC accessed to the Internet. On the web site, enter a phone number of a person whose message you want to search across SoftBank and other carriersf Disaster Message Boards.

- You can post and delete messages, etc. only on a SoftBank mobile phone. For more information, refer to gthe service outline of Disaster Message Board for a mobile phone.h

- You can post up to eighty messages. Any message beyond eighty will replace the oldest.

- In case of a major disaster during the trial period, Disaster BBS service will be launched. In such a case, messages posted during the trial service might be deleted.

- When you use this service, you agree that SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. shall bear no responsibility for damages caused by failed access to the service as well as failed message posting and viewing due to delayed service as a result of high volume of service access and a network condition and technical difficulties including system troubles in the Disaster Message Board facilities, and any other damage arising from a posted message on Disaster Message Board including lack or loss of a posted message, regardless of the causes of damages.